Phoebe Child Development Center performs above national average

Article Summary:

Teachers and students are performing well above the national average at the Phoebe Family Tree Child Development Center after using LENA Grow. LENA Grow is a professional development program for early childhood teachers that provides feedback-based coaching on how to increase interactive talk with children.

“LENA Grow is a wonderful program that focuses on increasing the quality of interactions with our children,” Stacy Favors, the director of Phoebe Family Tree Child Development Center, said in a news release. “We are using this information to strengthen the teaching skills and strategies of our staff. The results have been phenomenal and create optimal learning experiences for our students.”

Data from the program show that 86 percent of students experienced more than 15 conversational turns per hour, compared to a national average of 58 percent.

Using LENA Grow helps the center to maintain Georgia’s highest three-star quality rating, which requires the staff to continuously work to improve the quality of care they provide.