Babies have a lot to say!

What do all of those sounds mean?!

Good question! Did you know that your baby’s brain grows fastest from birth to age three? And during the first few months, your baby’s brain is making lots of new connections while he or she is learning to communicate with you.

While a lot has been learned about children’s language development, there’s still more to learn about how the sounds and cries a baby makes may help develop his or her ability to communicate.

Help us learn more!

Do you have a baby 0-4 months old? Do you have Internet access at home? Then you may be eligible to participate in this easy, one-week, at-home project. Complete 7 full-day recordings and fill out daily questionnaires to receive $250, plus a $100 bonus after returning completed materials to us.

Fill out this short application if you would like to be a part of this project.

If you’re selected you’ll use our specially designed LENA recorder to capture the sounds your baby makes over the course of one week. It’s easy! Your baby will wear the recorder in clothing we provide, and recordings will be kept confidential. In addition to the recordings, we’ll ask that you:

  • Read and sign a consent form
  • Complete short daily questionnaires
  • Return materials to us using the pre-paid FedEx envelope provided

Babies’ sounds are something to talk about!

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