The Relationship between Quality and Quantity in Parental Language Input to Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Children


This work analyzed parent speech in 634 recordings of 151 child-parent dyads by comparing total number of words produced to measures of syntactic, lexical, and pragmatic complexity. These quality measures accounted for 73.7% of the variance in total number of words produced. Further, of 146 dyads for whom multiple recordings are available, 67.1% showed a significant positive correlation between MLU and quantity, suggesting that increasing quantity of speech input is associated with concomitant increases in the quality of that input.

Presenting Author(s):

Jeffry A. Coady, PhD


Jeffry A. Coady, PhD1, Mallene Wiggin, PhD, CCC-SLP1, Allison L. Sedey, PhD, CCC-SLP, CCC-A1, Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, PhD, CCC-A1

Author Affiliation(s):

1Institute of Cognitive Sciences, University of Colorado-Boulder