Talk To Teach – Providence Talks & Brown University’s Early Evaluation Findings


Providence Talks (PT) is a free, early intervention program for families living in Providence, RI that have a child between 2-30 months of age. PT helps caretakers learn about the importance of speaking with their children and supports them in their ability to improve the language environments within their home. Children participating in Providence Talks wear the LENA™ devices in a vest for up to 16 hours on recording days. The Brown University Research Team focuses on comparing the differences in adult word counts and conversational turn counts between families who participated in Providence Talks and those who did not.

Presenting Author(s):

Kevin D. Slattery, MPA


Kevin D. Slattery, MPA1, Megan Boben, MA2, Kenneth Wong, PhD

Author Affiliation(s):

1Providence Talks, 2Brown University Department of Education, 3Brown University Urban Education Policy Program