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A skyline illustrates cities where Providence Talks will be replicated.

Providence Talks Replication: Early Childhood Innovation at the Municipal Level


This webinar will take a deep dive into how Bloomberg Philanthropies has thought about the work involved with the Providence Talks replication and the unique role of city leadership in spearheading change. Join us for an engaging panel discussion that brings in the multiple stakeholder perspectives that make large-scale innovation possible at the city level.

Introduction to LENA Home


Learn about LENA Home, an add-on to existing home visiting programs that combines a flexible, research-based curriculum with evidence-based feedback from LENA technology. Find out how LENA is helping parents and home visitors collaborate to improve children’s language environments.

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A smarter way to start


Smart Start of Davie County offers residents and early childhood educators free programs, including LENA Home, as it seeks to ensure quality childcare, education, health, and family support programs for all Davie children birth to 5

Talking with babies helps them bridge word gap


As talk is found to be increasingly important to the development of childhood linguistic and cognitive development, more communities are using programs like LENA to improve communication behaviors in families.