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LENA Pro, our software tool that started it all.


Parent-group classes: scalable, cost-effective, building social capital.

Interventions with large populations often hit two roadblocks: excessive complexity and inconsistent implementation. LENA Start avoids these traps by focusing on a single goal—improving talk between parents and children.

2019 LENA Start Matching Funds

Due to the generous support of our funding partners, we are excited to announce that we'll be reviewing and selecting applications for matching funds from new communities across the country.

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LENA Start takes a cost-effective and scalable approach by delivering LENA feedback and strategies to increase talk to groups of parents, particularly targeting high-need families. Staffing needs are reduced, while impact is increased. Effective implementation is ensured by delivering the program through videos and scripted instruction—and by continuous data feedback.

Growing from an initial launch of two sites in 2015, LENA Start has expanded to 17 metro areas nationwide. Visit our interactive map for a complete list.

To date, the program has reached more than 1,200 families, and of those families that attended the first session, nearly 80 percent went on to complete the program.


Average number of words families added to their daily diet after completing the program.


Average number of interactions with their babies that families added to their daily routine.

Developmental Snapshot assessment results show that children whose parents participated in LENA Start are gaining nearly two months of developmental skill every month.

Through a partnership with First Book, LENA Start builds home libraries by giving every family a book at each session.

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Professional development to increase interactive classroom talk.

LENA Grow is a professional development program for early childhood educators that uses regular feedback from LENA technology to improve the talk environment in the classroom. Educators meet with a coach one-on-one or in group sessions, weekly or every other week, with flexibility to fit their schedules. The coaching sessions provide time to review the data on the interactive talk environment in each classroom, and use the data to set goals to talk more.

LENA Grow has seen rapid expansion since its 2016 pilot in partnership with the Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County, Florida. It is now part of professional development initiatives in 10 cities, serving more than 100 classrooms at 43 centers across seven states. Recent milestones include the completion of a successful pilot with Teaching Strategies and the launch of a local “learning site” in partnership with The Aspen Center for Child Development in Longmont, Colo.

LENA Grow Introduction

Learn how LENA Grow is transforming talk in early childhood classrooms across the country.

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Early results from the pilot in Escambia County show that teachers in the toddler classrooms have increased how much they are speaking to the children by 54 percent, and the children are responding back 88 percent more than before the program on average. The infant classrooms also show substantial increases in interaction.

    Helping parents and home visitors collaborate to improve children’s language environments.

    Developed over two years of piloting with the Providence Talks home-visitation program, LENA Home is an add-on for your existing parent coaching curriculum. Home visitors using LENA technology to measure language gain objective insights on home talk that can be used to inform and motivate parents and track progress toward increasing interaction.

    Productivity is increased through:

    • Clear reports that provide insights on how much adults spoke, back and forth exchanges between parents and child, and tv and electronic sound throughout the day. 
    • Feedback designed to show progress over time.
    • Scheduling and text reminders that simplify logistics and ease the burden on home visitors. 
    • Implementation support and one year of technical assistance.
    • Two validated measures of child language behavior.

    The audio recording is deleted after processing to ensure privacy.

    LENA Home Introduction

    Find out how home visitation programs are using LENA to improve outcomes.

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    LENA Home is ideal for coaching and home visitation programs that would like to supplement their curriculum with objective feedback from LENA technology. Partners who have added LENA Home to their programs include:

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    Reliable, detailed language environment data with convenient access and security.

    LENA SP provides a complete picture of a child’s audio environment for researchers, speech-language pathologists, professionals working with children with hearing loss, and others who need detailed, scientifically reliable speech-language measurements of children 2 months to 48 months old.

    With LENA SP you can:

    • See reports that provide a breakdown of a child’s audio environment, including the number of conversational turns and adult words, how much of the day the child was exposed to talk, and more.
    • Access raw data and, at user option, high-quality audio files underlying the reports to perform analyses including transcription, language samples, spectral analysis, etc.
    • Manage program data through LENA Online for scalability, access, and outcome-tracking.
    • Access the Developmental Snapshot assessment, a validated 52-item caregiver-completed questionnaire that measures a child’s expressive and receptive language development.
    • View AVA (Automatic Vocalization Assessment) scores, a unique measure of the similarity of a child’s patterns of vocalizing to those of a reference sample of typically developing children around the same age. Reported as an age-standardized score to facilitate tracking over time.

    Webinar: Introduction to LENA SP

    Find out how researchers and early language professionals are using LENA to get detailed data on language environments.

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    LENA SP is ideal for speech and hearing professionals focused on addressing speech and language delays and hearing loss. Click the links to hear Sunshine Cottage School for the Deaf Parent Advisor Lindsay Rodriquez and Parent-Infant Program Director Lisa Lopez on using LENA with families. Current partners incorporating LENA SP into their interventions and research studies include:

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    Funding through the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR), and the Disability Research and Dissemination Center (DRDC) has enabled collaboration between the University of Colorado-Boulder and the LENA to support pilot testing, refinement, and enhancement of LENA SP.


    Our original software tool that started it all.

    The LENA Pro software automatically analyzes and segments the audio data, providing four primary reports plus a composite report that can be viewed in monthly, daily, hourly, and five-minute time-frames. Export features and a sophisticated data mining tool allow you to customize analysis with ease, down to the millisecond.

    For more detailed information, download the LENA Pro™ Brochure.

    Watch our instructional video series to learn to use LENA Pro and learn about uses of LENA Pro.

    LENA Pro will best serve those who need to store data locally rather than in the cloud. It offers integrated support for transcription and more granular visualization of data.

    LENA Pro is in use at more than 300 universities, hospitals and other research institutions around the world.