LENA Grow Teacher Certification

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Thank you for being a LENA Grow teacher! Your work in completing this prestigious professional development program will have a lifelong impact on the children you teach. If you have completed one LENA Grow cycle, you have the opportunity to become LENA Certified. LENA certification confirms teachers have met program requirements and endorses their expertise in early language development and promoting a strong interactive talk environment in the classroom.

To qualify for LENA Certification, teachers must have met the following requirements:

  • Complete LENA Grow Orientation
  • Complete the Understanding LENA Reports Quiz with 100 percent accuracy
  • Be present in the room for at least 10 LENA Days
  • Attend a minimum of nine coaching sessions
  • Document goals for implementing the 14 Talking Tips in the classroom
  • View all Talking Tips videos and/or discuss all Conversation Starters with a coach
  • Complete the LENA Grow Program Survey (after completing a full LENA Grow sequence)

With these requirements in mind, there are three main steps in the certification process.

Step 1: Understanding LENA Reports Quiz

Completing the Understanding LENA Reports Quiz with 100 percent accuracy confirms that the LENA reports are fully understood. The Room Summary Report Review and the Room Detail Report Review in the Teacher Workbook may be helpful to reference when completing this quiz. It is important that it is completed after Coaching Session 2 and before the fifth LENA Day, not at the end of the program. The quiz must be submitted electronically and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Access the Teacher Quiz


Step 2: LENA Grow Program Survey

Within two weeks of program completion, teachers must complete the LENA Grow Program Survey, which is designed to help LENA understand teachers’ experiences for the purposes of program improvement. The Program Survey must be submitted electronically and takes less than 15 minutes.

Access the survey


Step 3: Teacher Certification Application Form

The final step for teachers in the certification process is completing the Certification Application Form, which can be accessed through the link below. The application form must be submitted electronically and takes less than 10 minutes.

Access the Teacher Application


Once the application is submitted, LENA will review and send to the coach for approval. If the application is approved, LENA will email the teacher a PDF copy of their official certification.

Questions about the certification process can be emailed to certifications@lena.org.