Actionable feedback for the adults who matter most.


LENA is based on the belief that parents, caregivers, and teachers have the ability to unlock every child’s social, emotional, and cognitive potential. We focus on increasing interactive talk because it has been proven to be a key factor in early brain development – and we focus on the earliest years because research points to those as the most critical. The feedback we provide helps parents and teachers measurably increase talk and conversations with children. The results are stronger families, improved classroom quality, and children more prepared to succeed in school.

What is LENA?

LENA technology is the industry standard for measuring talk with children birth to three, a critical factor in early brain development. (LENA stands for Language ENvironment Analysis.) Used all over the world, LENA's programs for parents and teachers will support your initiative to build early language and literacy, to close gaps in cognitive, emotional, and social development, and to improve school readiness.

  • recordingLENA Day

    It all starts with a LENA Day. A full day of a child’s talk environment is captured by a small device worn in a comfortable vest.

  • feedbackCoaching & Feedback

    Data from LENA Days are translated into clear reports about talk, provided in clear reports shared with parents, caregivers, and teachers during targeted coaching sessions.

  • cloud-dataManagement & evaluation

    Secure online tools enable efficient program management with built-in, real-time measures of fidelity and effectiveness.

Where is LENA?

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