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Research Publications

To see examples of how LENA technology has advanced the following areas of research, simply click on a title to browse by subject area.

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Right from Birth: Eliminating the Talk Gap in Young Children

Read Dr. Steve Warren’s white paper describing the challenges presented by the “word gap” discovered by Hart and Risley in 1995 and the evidence-based strategies that are the core of LENA’s technology and programs. Download the paper.

LENA Conference Archives

At LENA Conferences 2010 to 2013, early LENA users gathered to share research and exchange best practices. In 2015, exploring LENA technology’s expanding role in intervention programs, we brought together experts in brain science, education, behavioral psychology, and economic and public health policy to discuss the most innovative options for closing academic and achievement gaps, starting right from birth. Visit each year’s archives to view posters and presentations from past LENA Conferences.

Download the bibliography of LENA Conference presentations.

LENA Conference 2017: Paths to Opportunity

LENA Conference 2015: Parents Have the Power

LENA International Conference 2013

First LENA Users Conference 2010