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Do COVID babies “talk” less? Research findings and potential implications

Recorded: Mar 31, 2022

Babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic are vocalizing less and experiencing less interactive talk with adults than their pre-pandemic peers, suggesting they may be at greater risk of experiencing language delays. 

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The link between language and socioemotional development

Recorded: Jul 12, 2021

Many previous studies have drawn connections between the quantity of back-and-forth interactions in early childhood and later linguistic and cognitive skills. Importantly, newly published research conducted in Chile has taken a novel direction, determining that infants’ language environments predict their socioemotional skills one year later.

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The Power of Conversational Turns

Recorded: Oct 25, 2018

Three studies published in 2018 show the relationship between conversational turns and brain development. Join us for a discussion with the lead researchers, Drs. Jill Gilkerson and Rachel Romeo, moderated by Shannon Rudisill of the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative.

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Beyond the 30 Million Word Gap: A Conversation with Dr. Rachel Romeo

Recorded: Mar 29, 2018

Join LENA’s president and chief operating officer, Dr. Steve Hannon, as he hosts a conversation with Dr. Rachel Romeo, lead author on a study from Harvard and MIT that sheds light on the underlying neural mechanism that makes conversational turns so critical for brain development.

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Baby talk: how early childhood centres can help multilingual children

Fran MolloyJul 10, 2023

A study out of Australia analyzing teacher-child language interactions in early eduction settings could shed light on why children from non-English speaking backgrounds often start school with weaker language skills than their English-speaking peers.

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Do COVID Babies Talk Less

Sara NovakApr 25, 2022

A decline in socializing during COVID could mean less verbalizing for babies born during the pandemic.

Teachers use technology too!

Emilie CooperOct 1, 2019

A teacher describes how she used LENA technology to help create a richer language environment in her classroom.