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Funding a Head Start Model that Will Change the Course of Children’s Lives: Strategies for a Winning Head Start Application

Recorded: Aug 27, 2020

In September, the Office of Head Start will release over $1 billion in Head Start funding competitions for communities in 38 states across the country. In this webinar, we will get an overview of the Head Start funding opportunities from Jeffrey Capizzano, President of The Policy Equity Group. He will also provide participants concrete takeaways for developing a vision and strategy for writing a compelling Head Start application.

Introduction to LENA for Head Start Association Staff

Recorded: Aug 13, 2020

Join LENA, a national nonprofit, to learn about how we partner with Head Start programs to promote language and literacy skill development in both center- and home-based programs. LENA uses an innovative, research-based approach that provides objective data on children’s talk environments to help foster a positive climate and improve child outcomes without increasing provider stress. This objective data is particularly critical amidst increasing concern that social distancing and mask requirements are curtailing teacher-child interactions.

Head Start Funding Opportunities

Recorded: Aug 11, 2020

This fall, there are a number of funding opportunities available through the Office of Head Start. These include expanding Early Head Start Child Care Partnerships and state-specific opportunities, among others. Yvette Sanchez Fuentes, the former director of the Office of Head Start, and Dr. Candice N. Pittman, program manager with the Mississippi Head Start Association, will walk us through these opportunities and answer any accompanying questions.

Mitigating the Academic and Social Impacts of COVID-19 in Child Care

Recorded: Jun 3, 2020

As child care starts to re-open, COVID-19 recommendations are changing the way child care providers are able to interact with children and support their early academic and social development. In this webinar, we’ll hear directly from providers in three states on how COVID-19 recommendations have impacted their work. Join us for a conversation on how we can continue to adapt while creating a positive learning environment where interactions matter, now more than ever.

Introduction to LENA Grow

Recorded: Mar 20, 2020

Find out how LENA Grow is helping teachers to increase talk and interactive conversations in early childhood classrooms, and learn about the impacts we’ve seen with the program so far. Hear what teachers and coaches participating across the country are saying about the program!

Creating Inclusive and Equitable Classroom Experiences

Recorded: Nov 14, 2019

LENA and Trust for Learning both recognize the importance of language and interaction to boost early brain development and set children up for a lifetime of learning success. Sign up for this webinar to learn more about what equity looks like in early childhood classrooms along with concrete strategies for supporting coaches, teachers, and administrators in fostering more equitable classroom environments.

A skyline illustrates cities where Providence Talks will be replicated.

Providence Talks Replication: Early Childhood Innovation at the Municipal Level

Recorded: Nov 5, 2019

This webinar will take a deep dive into how Bloomberg Philanthropies has thought about the work involved with the Providence Talks replication and the unique role of city leadership in spearheading change. Join us for an engaging panel discussion that brings in the multiple stakeholder perspectives that make large-scale innovation possible at the city level.

Building Classroom Quality Through Language

Recorded: Jun 2, 2019

Learn about how organizations can support teachers in building classroom quality through interactive language, featuring guest presenter Sarah Hadden from Teachstone. We’ll discuss why classroom language matters, where we stand, and the challenges and opportunities associated with increasing interactions.

Maximizing Coaching Sessions with LENA Grow Data

Recorded: Jul 19, 2018

How do we support teachers in making strong connections between data and action? Join us as we talk through the insights embedded in LENA metrics and strategies for using them to foster a strengths-based dialogue with teachers that builds enthusiasm for classroom talk.

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Survey results: How COVID-19 is impacting child care providers


Our team surveyed hundreds of people working with young children – including teachers, family child care providers, and center directors — to better understand how they have and will continue to adapt to protect the wellbeing of their children and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

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