Crosswalks and Partnerships

At LENA, we recognize that while early talk is a key factor contributing to a host of positive child outcomes, it needs to fit within a layered system of support to families, children, and educators. Our goal is that participating in a LENA program places a minimal burden on caregivers and complements the work they are already doing. We believe these collaborations can help further that goal and strengthen and support educators, families, and communities.

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“No single program or sector can fully meet the needs of young children and their families – this work requires collaboration and partnerships across programs and agencies including early care and learning, early intervention, health and behavioral health, human services, employment, education, community and faith-based organizations, researchers, businesses, philanthropy and other child and family serving systems.”

– Office of Early Childhood Development report

State-level crosswalks

In a webinar hosted by the BUILD Initiative in late 2022, Quality Improvement Systems (QIS) leaders from four states discussed the importance of innovative, data-driven initiatives to improve quality, with a special focus on LENA Grow.

On-Demand Webinar — A New Approach to Data-Driven Quality Improvement in Early Childhood Programs