Your support drives measurable impacts.

LENA and our generous supporters share a common vision:
Every single child gets the support they need early in life to thrive throughout their life.

Enhancing children's early language environments is among the easiest
and most cost-effective ways to improve their school readiness and long-term success.

We currently impact over 10,000 children annually, but that's just a start. 

Together we will continue scaling to serve millions of infants and toddlers around the world who would benefit from richer language environments.

LENA Innovations

Our programs and research studies share a common starting point: LENA's "talk pedometer" technology. As the industry standard for measuring early talk, it improves individual children's lives and informs policy makers alike.

Scaling LENA Programs

Support program implementation for LENA Grow and/or LENA Start locally, regionally, and nationally by subsidizing implementation costs for new LENA partners, ranging from library systems to Head Start programs to Child Care Resource and Referral Services.

LENA Operations

We strive to make things simple for our partners. Support enhanced training and guidance for fidelity, including refined toolkits for site launch, parent recruitment, and performance reporting.

The benefits of LENA's programs are supported by hard data — both quantitative and qualitative.

Over 100 peer-reviewed research studies have used LENA — all pointing to a critical need to improve early language environments for children everywhere. 94% of teachers report increased job satisfaction after participating in LENA Grow, and 95% of parents who participate in LENA Start think ALL parents should participate.

A longitudinal study completed by LENA's researchers in 2018 revealed that a child's early language environment in the second year of life correlates to their IQ, verbal comprehension, vocabulary, and other language skills 10 years later. In 2021, their Inside Early Talk report lent more insight, both detailing the challenges and inequities we're faced with and offering straightforward, actionable solutions. 

"LENA’s ability to make parent-child interactions visible and quantifiable resonated with us. We love that the numbers are coupled with social connection and empathy that data alone can’t offer."

— Carly Roberts, Program Officer, Early Impact, Overdeck Family Foundation

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please email Katharine Correll, Principal of Philanthropic Partnerships.