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Transform interactions in child care through job-embedded professional development.

Improving a classroom’s language environment is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve child outcomes. LENA Grow couples LENA’s “talk pedometer” technology with weekly coaching sessions to bring those improved outcomes to fruition — in both the short and long term.

With LENA Grow, every level of the early childhood workforce collaborates more effectively and achieves positive results within months:

  • Teachers deepen their focus on each child’s individual classroom experience.
  • Coaches use data and resources to leverage strengths in teacher practice.
  • Leaders track progress on quality improvement.

“We have children who are being isolated, who aren’t being talked to. We wouldn’t think of not feeding children, but we’re not feeding them language.”

- Dr. Libby Doggett, former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education

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Why LENA Grow works

The problem: Too many children — 1 in 5, according to LENA’s Inside Early Talk report — spend their days in language isolation, even in child care settings that are “high talk” overall.

The solution: Increasing the quantity of early interactions has a profound impact on improving outcomes for all children.

Every increase of two turns per hour has a statistically significant impact up to 40 turns, and is associated with a one-point increase in Full Scale IQ 10 years down the line. LENA Grow is a proven program whose benefits come quickly — for individual children and entire communities alike.

How LENA Grow works: Implementation to impact


LENA's partnerships team works with an organization to create an individualized program agreement and implementation plan.


LENA's implementation team guides the organization through its LENA Grow launch: from orientation, through the first sequence, and beyond.


Over the course of a 10-week sequence LENA technology captures each child's interactions, automatically creating reports used during coaching sessions.


LENA provides individualized impact reporting and sets the organization up for continued success in their next LENA Grow sequence.

Explore a coaching session in action

Every single LENA program contributes not just to improved outcomes for individual children and teachers, but also to sophisticated research. The data that come from LENA’s programs provide the most robust pictures of early language environments that exist anywhere. Each program’s dataset translates into new research findings, which in turn translate into an even more effective, evolving program model.

We work with a wide array of LENA Grow partners

LENA Grow is highly flexible. The program works effectively in both home- and center-based care settings to boost positive interactions between children and caregivers. Explore our collection of partner case studies and webinars to learn more about how organizations are making scalable improvements in child care quality with LENA Grow:

The teacher's perspective

Time is a precious resource, especially for teachers, and the LENA Grow model recognizes that. Rather than put an extra burden on teachers, the program simply asks them to carry on with their normal daily routines and to participate in brief coaching sessions, which can be delivered virtually or in person.

“I was really excited to have the LENA Grow coach come in. I wanted to see that report and how many stars we got, and to see how we grew and in what part of the day.”

— Brittany, Early Childhood Teacher at the Aspen Center for Child Development in Longmont, Colorado

Join the movement to put early talk front and center

In 2016, LENA Grow was being used by just a single program partner. The program has seen phenomenal growth. As of 2021, it’s served over 11,000 children in over 1,300 classrooms across 27 states and 3 countries. We've set a goal of impacting 100,000 children annually by 2024, which would set the stage for us to continue scaling on the way to serving millions of infants and toddlers around the world who would benefit from richer language environments.

Learn more about how we can work together to support the children and teachers in your community:

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