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About LENA

LENA is a national nonprofit based in Louisville, Colo. LENA is on a mission is to transform children’s futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs. Used by researchers, clinicians, community organizations, and early childhood education initiatives all over the world, LENA technology measures a child’s language environment and provides vital feedback to parents, other caregivers, and early childhood educators in programs dedicated to improving child outcomes.  

Leadership Team

Dr. Stephen M. Hannon is the President and CEO of LENA. He has steered LENA through its ambitious growth, leveraging a wealth of technical and leadership skills honed over a long career spanning multiple industries. His experience has provided the foundation for LENA’s unique technology to be paired with programmatic impact felt across early childhood.

Dr. Jill Gilkerson is the Chief Research and Evaluation Officer of LENA. She has been instrumental to just about every major initiative involving LENA. She manages a team of researchers responsible for collecting and analyzing the spontaneous speech data used for software development, the LENA normative scales, and a wide range of academic research studies.

Photo Rocy O'Keefe

Rocy Gomez O’Keefe is the Vice President of Growth at LENA. After numerous years working in K-18 education, she saw the importance of reaching children at an earlier age. Her passion to impact children earlier led to her transition into working with early childhood educators. After her first position in early childhood as the Vice President of Sales & Partnership Development at Teachstone, she joined LENA as the Vice President of Growth.

Photo of Katharine Correll

Katharine Correll is the Vice President of Impact at LENA. She has over a decade of experience working with nonprofits to meet strategic programmatic and financial goals. Before coming to LENA, she spent four years in K-12 supporting educators in non-instructional leadership development.

Photo of Sahar Bou-Ghazale

Dr. Sahar Bou-Ghazale is Vice President of Technology Innovation at LENA. With over 25 years of expertise in voice recognition, audio standards, and speech processing, Sahar has led technology roadmap development across global teams and guided products from inception to high-volume production. Having published over 20 publications and patents, Sahar passionately applies her expertise to help children’s language development.

Photo of Vince Swartout

Vince Swartout is Chief Information and Operations Officer at LENA. He played strategic and tactical roles building a nationwide data processing company, and helped the Dolan Company through its IPO. Along the way he developed proprietary process improvement and workflow modelling methods, became well versed in audit and information security, and saw first-hand how important it is to connect good people and good “IT.”

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