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Every interaction counts: Bringing back a thriving culture through early talk

Recorded: Apr 27, 2022

Join ELC of Orange County and ELC of Sarasota County as they share their data and stories on how they’ve increased teacher confidence, competence, and CLASS scores while improving quality assessment outcomes despite the challenges of the past two years.   

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Do COVID babies “talk” less? Research findings and potential implications

Recorded: Mar 31, 2022

Babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic are vocalizing less and experiencing less interactive talk with adults than their pre-pandemic peers, suggesting they may be at greater risk of experiencing language delays. 

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The link between language and socioemotional development

Recorded: Jul 12, 2021

Many previous studies have drawn connections between the quantity of back-and-forth interactions in early childhood and later linguistic and cognitive skills. Importantly, newly published research conducted in Chile has taken a novel direction, determining that infants’ language environments predict their socioemotional skills one year later.

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Virtual Family Engagement: Ingredients for Success

Recorded: Jan 26, 2021

How have our partners adapted to the pandemic’s challenges? Learn about practical strategies that worked for them, and get your creative, problem-solving juices flowing as you design your family engagement strategy for 2021.

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Mitigating the Academic and Social Impacts of COVID-19 in Child Care

Recorded: Jun 3, 2020

COVID-19 recommendations have changed the way child care providers are able to interact with children and support their early academic and social development. How can we continue to adapt while creating a positive learning environment?

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Survey results: How COVID-19 is impacting child care providers


Our team surveyed hundreds of people working with young children – including teachers, family child care providers, and center directors — to better understand how they have and will continue to adapt to protect the wellbeing of their children and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Do COVID Babies Talk Less

Sara NovakApr 25, 2022

A decline in socializing during COVID could mean less verbalizing for babies born during the pandemic.

Parenting: It takes a village

Walter IsaacsonAug 10, 2021

In this podcast episode, host Walter Isaacson and guests discuss parenting, how it's evolved from a group activity to something more singular, and how experts and technology are filling in the gaps for new parents.