Spread the word about early talk

LENA Early Talk Ambassador

Who are Early Talk Ambassadors?

LENA believes that interactive talk with babies is an essential factor in early brain development, and so do Early Talk Ambassadors. Early talk Ambassadors care deeply about children and want to spread the word about the importance of talk with babies both in short- and long-term outcomes. They want to make a difference in the lives of families and children by sharing how important interaction is!

Why spread the word about early talk? Because every child deserves the best start in life that we can possibly give them. Join us in encouraging every teacher, parent, family, and caregiver to harness the power of conversation to build brains.

How do I join the Early Talk Ambassadors movement?

The only thing you have to do to join the Early Talk Ambassador movement is to share the importance of talk, whether through word of mouth, through online communication, or other channels. We’ve developed social graphics for Ambassadors to share, along with text posts that go along with each image. Share these on your Twitter, Facebook, or other social site to teach others about early talk.

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