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We're a national nonprofit on a mission to transform children's futures through early talk technology and data-driven programs.

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Conversational turns: Simple interactions with powerful impacts

A conversational turn is a simple thing — just a back-and-forth interaction between an adult and a young child. It’s also an important building block.

A growing body of peer-reviewed research has used LENA technology to show how big an impact conversational turns can have on a child’s life.

What kind of impact? Conversational turns have been linked to brain structure and function, reading skills, IQ scores, socioemotional development, and executive functioning and reasoning scores.

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LENA Technology: A little purple device that delivers big data insights

Some people call it a “talk pedometer.” Others simply call it “The LENA.” Thousands of children, parents, and teachers have benefited from it.

LENA technology delivers reliable, powerful feedback on how much caregivers are talking with infants, toddlers, and preschool students.

With a complete picture of where we are, we can work together to get where we’re going: optimal brain development in the earliest years so that all children enter kindergarten prepared for success.

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Early talk data + Strengths-based coaching =
Proven outcomes

Data is a powerful tool, but it doesn't do the work on its own. That's why LENA pairs its technology with strengths-based coaching programs designed specifically for parents and early childhood educators. We provide the technology, materials, training, and support, and we partner with trusted community organizations to deliver our programs at the local level.

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