Starting with Start: Building a Broad and Sustainable Infrastructure for Research and Intervention in Early Language Development


In 2016, the University of Minnesota became one of the early implementation sites for LENA Start, a parent education program designed to promote early language development for infants and toddlers. This was not the first activity using LENA technology in Minnesota; earlier, faculty members, doctoral students, and other research staff had deployed LENA recording and analysis technologies in a small array of community-based research activities. However, implementation of Start was the first deliberate effort to expand knowledge, application, and use of LENA technology beyond University projects in ways that would systematically affect public practice, policy, and perspectives. This poster will report the results of that effort, including: a) extent of implementation of Start by community practitioners; b) other applications of LENA Start and recording/analysis technology for community programs and program development; c) results of efforts to sustain LENA and Start as ongoing, community-supported resources; and d) plans for future developments.

Presenting Author(s):

Scott R. McConnell, PhD


Scott R. McConnell, PhD, Erin Lease, MA

Author Affiliation(s):

1University of Minnesota