Brittaney Robinson

Regional Lead, Early Childhood Partnerships

Brittaney Robinson is Regional Lead of Early Childhood Partnerships at LENA. She has dedicated her career to increasing access to resources that grant children a life of opportunity. Her expertise has come from more than 13 years of experience creating environments where schools and education organizations partner with parents to close the opportunity gap and support academic achievement. She has done this work as a co-founder of a high-performing K-8 public charter school in Aurora, CO, as a teacher, and as a global education consultant.

The implementation of Brittaney’s strategies and tools have yielded increased parent involvement and parent-driven engagement in school districts and educational organizations worldwide. Brittaney is excited to collaborate with LENA Start partners to galvanize a new movement of parent participation within the LENA community.

Brittaney earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion & Disease Prevention from the University of Southern California and her Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Denver.