Presentations 2017

Early Language Input: The Key Factor in Language Growth and Brain Development

Patricia Kuhl , PhD

Professor and Co-Director of I-LABS
University of Washington

Early language activates distinct areas in babies' brains, jump-starting cognitive development. In this presentation, Kuhl discusses the brain architecture behind learning language, and how her team developed innovative techniques to research children's cognition.

Paths to Opportunity: Improving Parental Engagement and Children’s Early Learning

Ariel Kalil, PhD

Professor, BIP Lab
The University of Chicago

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Gaps in children's development start early, and it's almost impossible to close them by the time kids enter school. The key is what happens in the home, and that means parent engagement. Most parents want what's best for their children and have a pretty good idea what needs to be done. To turn "aspirational parenting" into "actual parenting," we need to provide timely feedback and tips to help them build habits that fit more talk with their kids into their everyday lives.

Paying it Forward: The Economics of Closing the Opportunity Gap

Flávio Cunha, PhD

Rice University

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This presentation seeks to look, in concrete economic terms, at the origins of rising inequality in America through the lens of a skill gap, and provides an analysis of what we know as well as areas for continued research. Cunha also proposes potential interventions and changes to address these gaps at the policy level. Visit the LENA Blog to read a Q & A with Professor Cunha.

The Father Factor

The Father Factor

Ruti Levtov, PhD

Senior Research and Program Officer

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This breakout session explored what we know about the important role that men can play in the language development of children and their lives more broadly, and what we can do—in terms of programmatic and policy interventions—to support and strengthen this role. .


The Father Factor

Natasha Cabrera, PhD

Family Involvement Laboratory
Professor, Human Development
University of Maryland

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