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Embracing equitable early learning for dual language learners

Recorded: May 9, 2023

In this webinar, we’ll outline the mismatch between science and practice around multilingualism. How do we push aside myths about barriers and deficits to arrive at a place where one child’s multilingualism is considered an asset for all?

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Creating Inclusive and Equitable Classroom Experiences

Recorded: Nov 14, 2019

What does equity look like in early childhood classrooms? Learn concrete strategies for supporting coaches, teachers, and administrators in fostering more equitable classroom environments.

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Blog Posts (24)

Survey results: How COVID-19 is impacting child care providers


Our team surveyed hundreds of people working with young children – including teachers, family child care providers, and center directors — to better understand how they have and will continue to adapt to protect the wellbeing of their children and staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Justice starts at birth


In response to recent events, we have made a point to step back and deeply reflect in order to be both authentic and to highlight commitments on which we can and will act.

Articles (10)

Can science help poor kids earn more?

Economist FilmsDec 16, 2021

In a provocative video, Economist Films explores the role conversational turns may play in what they call "breaking the class ceiling."

Invention Opportunity In Early Learning And Development

Tom Vander ArkNov 30, 2020

The pandemic has impacted education at all levels, including early childhood education. As we consider how to rebuild the broken system, LENA programs have emerged as one of several promising, innovative solutions.